IMUnext 6 Degrees Of Freedom IMU

6DOF IMU module with DIL28 precision output

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This IMU including, LPR530AL(pitch and roll)  and  LPY530ALH(pitch and yaw) gyroscopes and  MMA7260QT triple axis accelerometer with selectable (1.5-2-4-6G) analog outputs.

 It is great choose for UAVs, motion sensing and interactive applications.

Board           Datasheet: imu_next_sensor_board.pdf
LPR530AL     Datasheet: LPR530AL.pdf
LPY530ALH   Datasheet: LPY530ALH.pdf
MMA7260QT Datasheet: MMA7260QT.pdf 

1- LPR530A's Non Amplified Y axis Output
2- LPR530A's 4x Amplified Y axis Output
3- LPR530A's Referance Voltage Output
4- LPR530A's 4x Amplified X axis Output
5- LPR530A's Non Amplified X axis Output
6- LPY530A's Non Amplified Y axis Output
7- LPY530A's 4x Amplified Y axis Output
8- LPY530A's Referance Voltage Output
9- LPY530A's 4x Amplified Z axis Output
10- LPY530A's Non Amplified Z axis Output
11- MMA7260's Z axis Output
12- MMA7260's Y axis Output
13- MMA7260's X axis Output
15- MMA7260's G-Select1 pin
16- MMA7260's G-Select2 pin
17- NC (Not connected)
18- NC (Not connected)
19- NC (Not connected)
20- NC (Not connected)
21- NC (Not connected)
22- NC (Not connected)
23- NC (Not connected)
24- NC (Not connected)
25- NC (Not connected)
26- NC (Not connected)
27- NC (Not connected)
28- VCC (5.5-12V regulated)

This board includes 3.3v regulator chip for supplying the sensors. You can supply it with 5.5-12V.


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