Navigatron v2 - I2C GPS for MultiWii and Others

Open source I2C GPS module for MultiWii and other applications.

Just connect the GPS with your I2C lines and read the values when you need it. 

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Navigatron is an open source I2C GPS module for MultiWii and other I2C applications.


This Arduino based I2C GPS that gives the user the ability to access most of the commonly used GPS data using the I2C protocol

Just connect the GPS with your I2C lines and read the values when you need it. 

The board can also be used over FTDI port (with cross connected tx and rx lines) and output the raw serial data from the GPS to the serial port or a set of digital IO pins configured to Software Serial ports.

Differences Between Navigatron v1 and v2 boards 

  • Default 10Hz 115200baud GPS module (9600baud 1Hz for the old version)
  • Solid RED status LED when 3D fix (Led turning off for the old version)
  • Working with 3v-5v supply without any hack (The old version require a hack for 5V usage)
  • 220uF 10v Tantalum backup capacitor (It was a 0.22f 3v super capacitor on the old version)
  • No need to change for using original ESOBandi firmware, It is plug and play for MultiWii I2C GPS usage (v1 boards require few lines modification)



  • I2C communication up to 400 kHz
  • Supports all 3.3v and 5v I2C systems.
  • 10 Hz update rate (1Hz with current MultiWii firmware and updateable)
  • Ultra Sensitive -165 dBm GPS receiver
  • Optional serial access to NMEA data (cross the Tx and Rx pins of FTDI to reading GPS module)
  • 3D Fix LED indicator
  • 1 week backup time with Super Capacitor (10 minutes for 220uF capacitor)
  • 3.3v-5v  supply voltage (for Navigatron v1.0, you should replace the charge diode of supercapacitor with a blue LED for 5v supply)
  • Dimension:33mm x 23mm x 8mm
  • MediaTek Single Chip
  • Patch Antenna Size 15mm x 15mm x 4mm
  • L1 Frequency, C/A code, 66 channels
  • Embedded LNA and SAW filter
  • With Active patch antenna              
  • High Sensitivity Up to -163 dBm tracking, superior urban performances
  • Position Accuracy < 3m CEP (50%) without SA (horizontal)
  • Cold Start is Under 35 seconds (Typical)
  • Warm Start is Under 34 seconds (Typical)
  • Hot Start is Under 1 second (Typical)
  • Low Power Consumption 48mA @ acquisition, 37mA @ tracking
  • Low shut-down current consumption 15uA, typical 
  • DGPS(WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) support (optional by firmware)
  • Support AGPS function ( Offline mode : EPO valid up to 14 days )