EOS Control - RC Focus,EXP, Video REC

Remote Canon EOS Focus, Exposure and Video Start/Stop Control for Aerial and Remote Cinematography.

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The EOS Control is a revolutionary device for Aerial and Remote Cinematography.

You can remotely control Focus, Exposure and Video Start/Stop functions over USB port of your camera. 


For Aerial Cinematographers

  • It  resolves Exposure problems relating light condition changes. You can find right light level when flying in partly cloudy days, sunset or sunrise. 
  • Can't you be sure about focus when flying? Just use EOS Control's focus mode. It runs your camera's focus asistant (10x digital zoom) automatically to fine focus. Then turns 1X mode automaticaly. 
  • You can Start/Stop the video record when you want. 


For Remote Cinematographers

  • Are you shooting wild life documentary or  working in dangerous places? Now you can control your camera remotely. 
  • An asian white tiger too close to your lens? Just control the focus to sharp video.
  • Too dark to shoot the humming bird's nest after sunset? Use EOS Control for extra Exposure. 
  • Also you can control your camera when it is plugged on russian arm or special rigs. 


How can I use The EOS Control?

It is very simple to use device.

  • Just plug the servo connectors(3) to your favorite RC Receiver to control your camera functions.
  • Your camera must be supporting CANON's USB control protocol and video mode must be enabled.
  • The EOS Control will enable your camera's LiveView function automaticaly at startup. 
  • If you need to remove USB plug or Receiver's battery when it is working, Just restart your camera and power on the EOS Control again to reconnecting.  
  • Some low level EOS cameras (like 550D) support the functions but sometimes need to reset (battery remove and attach) after few video start/stop.  Wait for 3-4 seconds to finishing the card write proccess after every video stop to reducing this problem. 

Camera Compatibility

  • Canon EOS 1D X, 1D Mark IV, 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II, 7D, 6D, 60D, 650D, 600D, 550D, and 500D.

Lens Focus Compatibility

  • All Canon, Sigma, and Tamron autofocus lenses are known to focus function.
  • Tokina lenses work, but can experience camera lock ups with the Canon 7D if the focus command rate is set faster than the lens is able to move the internal focus element.
  • Manual focus lenses will not have focus control, but other functions will work.

Note: The autofocus motor noise is audible to internal microphones on Canon cameras, especially if AGC (auto gain control) is enabled. We recommend that an external microphone be used in combination with the EOS Control.