GoPro RC Shutter

This shutter resolving your all control problems when using a GoPro camera on your Plane/Multicopter

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We are using GoPro cameras since the HD Hero 1 released and we lost %50 of video because of unended(corrupted) files or forgetting to open it before flight durind this period.

Now, this shutter resolving all control problems when using a GoPro camera on your Plane or Multicopters.

It is compatible with ALL GoPro Hero 1, Hero 2 and White edition of Hero 3.

Connect the shutter between your GoPro(all models) and any channel of your RC Receiver. Then use the toggle switches of your Tx to start and stopping your GoPro camera. That's all. Your camera will be %100 on recording then toggle on and will be power off then toggle off.

gopro on/off rc shutter positions

This shutter also helps to efficent using the GoPro battery and SD card capacity.


For successful operation make sure the camera is set up for one button mode so recording starts at power-up. Setting default mode at power-up tells the camera to record video / images.


Notice: GoPro Turn-On and Turn-Off processes takes few seconds(3 seconds for turning on, 5 seconds for turnign off) please be patient and dont change the On/Off status faster than 5 seconds . Otherwise, the shutter cant work properly.


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