ArduLOG GPS Logger for all OSD Brands [discontinued]

Opensource Data Recorder.
Records everything into the microSD card. 

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This product RETIRED
We are producing ArduLOG V2 with FTDI style connection and better quality.
Please visit here: /osd-headtrackers/245-glog-gps-logger-for-all-osd-brands.html

This tiny circuit records all GPS coordinates into the microSD card from your ordinary OSD. It's compatible with all GPS and OSD brands.

ArduLOG is a stamp size circuit which has the capability of doing RS232, I2C and Analog logging.

It's including a microSD socket, 2 color led for status and 4 input pin that connected with 6 ports of Atmega328 processor.

Current firmware records the GPS positions from directly any GPS embedded device. It is supporting all GPS models which have standard GPGGA NMEA protocol.

The Baudrate of ArduLog is configurable with putting the _BAUD.TXT file into the root folder of microSD card. We tested it with all rates between 4800-115200baud.

Just create a file that named _BAUD.TXT and type the baudrate into. (like 115200)

ArduLog reads the file on startup and logs the GPGGA sentence of GPS data. Then our free KMZ generator software generates flight path KMZ files for Google Earth.




  • Full Opensource Circuit Architecture and Firmwares
  • Coming with ArduLog GPS logger firmware for Plug and Play FPV usage
  • Supports all GPS modules between 4800-115200 baud
  • Supports all GPS refresh rates between 1-10hz
  • 1Hz record resolution for GPGGA sentence 
  • Arduino Pro 16Mhz compatible Bootloader for upgrades and firmware modifications
  • Supports all FAT16 formatted microSD cards up to 2Gb
  • Autoincremental Record File Name


GPS Connection



File and Links

Product Page :

Sample KMZ file from ArduLog :

ArduLog Google Code Page for Firmware and updates :

GPStoKML generator Software :

Baudrate Configuration File : _BAUD.TXT


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