OpenLRS Receiver v2

New! Open Source RC Receiver v2

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Important notice:

OpenLRS is not a plug and play long range RC. You need C programming skill and basic Arduino experience for using and modifying our opensource platform. The Long Range usage is not it's main goal. We are using 100mW 433Mhz Tranceivers(bi directional) for Rx and TX. If you need really long range, we are suggesting our 7W UHF booster (unidirectional). 
Visit our forum for detailed informations and questions.



OpenLRS Rx v2 is an open source RC receiver module that configurable for any channel (400-460mhz) or any protocol or extra features as telemetry transmitter.


Rx module including 100mW RFM22B RF unit and Atmega328 processor with Arduino Bootloader.

You can upload our codes or write your own.


Frequency Hopping or What You Want

Our original code does 3 channel frequency hopping (not FHSS, FH only) for reducing the risks.  Standard refresh rate is same with your transmitter (50hz), if one of channels disables by an external source refresh rate reducing to %66 (33hz) , if you lose 2 of 3 channels you can still fly with %33 (15hz) refresh rate.

If you do not like it, you can write your own hopping codes or just use 1 solid channel.



3.3v I2C for All Digital Sensors

The receiver includes an 3.3v I2C port for all sensor boards on the market. You can plug our BMP085 board and you got an altimeter or variometer. You can measure the G forces with an accelerometer or stabilize your plane with a gyroscope sensor.



Serial or Parallel PPM selectable

If you are using an autopilot/multicopter controller with serial PPM. You dont need any firmware change. Just plug a jumper (binding plugs of 2.4ghz receivers) between channel 1 and 3's signal outputs. OpenLRS Rx detects the jumper when startup and gives 2 short blink. This mean it's giving serial PPM signal from 8th channel. 


You dont need external multicopter controllers or autopilots

OpenLRS Rx module, including serial and I2C ports for your future projects. Just include a WiiMotionPlus and upload your code for making a basic quadrocopter. Add a Wii Nunchuck and you have 6DOF IMU. or just buy a 9DOF IMU and connect. Our 3.3v I2C port compatible with all of modern I2C sensors. You can connect your GPS or other Serial equipments with serial port.


Our Most Simple Quadro Setup Test Flight


A sample video with WiMotionPlus 



OpenLRS Rx module is including a Tranceiver, that's mean, you can use it as a transmitter or a telemetry transmitter. Just imagine, you can follow your plane's voltage levels or sensors of your quadrocopter. And you can change the configuration by your PC.   


You can use your Receiver as a Transmitter

If you dont need the Futaba Tx module's advantages, you dont need our M1 modules too. Just order 2 receivers and update the one of them as a transmitter. Because M1 module and Rx modules using same RF modules (RFM22B) . Only you should change the pinouts of transmitter code. (I will share a code about that in a few days)


Our RX module including:

  • 3.3v FTDI support for Arduino
  • Serial Port for firmware upload and telemetry application
  • 3.3v I2C port for all modern sensors as WiiMotionPlus, WiiNunchuk, MEMs gyros, accelerometers, barometers, etc. 
  • 9 channel servo output
  • PWM output as RSSI output. (You can modify the code for PWM based RSSI signal)
  • Red and Blue LEDs for visible informations
  • RFM22B tranceiver module including Si4432 chip with configurable 0-100mW output, Frequency hopping capability and hundreds features.
  • 16Mhz Atmega328 processor with Arduino Pro Mini compatible bootloader.
  • 3.3v MIC5205 based voltage regulator with reverse polarity protection and 1S lipo support. 


Package Contents

  • OpenLRS Receiver Board with servo pins
  • 433mhz 2.5dBi SMA plugged stock Antenna








  • Never turn on your Rx without the antenna attached, this can burn it out !!! 
  • Maximum supply voltage is 15volt.