OpenLRS M2 Tx module for Futaba

New generation (M2) Opensource RC Transmitter Module

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Important notice:

OpenLRS is not a plug and play long range RC. You need basic Arduino experience for using and modifying our opensource platform. The Long Range usage is not it's main goal. We are using 100mW 433Mhz Tranceivers(bi directional) for Rx and TX. If you need really long range, we are suggesting our 1W M3 OpenLRS Transmitter module or 7W UHF booster (unidirectional). 
The Tx and Rx modules coming as pairs and you can plug and fly, but we are highly recommend to customize them for your requirements.
Visit our forum for detailed informations and questions. 


OpenLRS M2 Tx Module is an open source transmitter module that is configurable for any channel (400-460mhz) or any protocol or extra features as telemetry receiver of OpenLRS Rx module.



The module includes 100mW RFM22B RF unit and Atmega328 processor with Arduino Bootloader.

You can upload our codes or write your own for your custom purposes transmitter.



Frequency Hopping or What You Want

Our original code does 3 channel frequency hopping (not FHSS, FH only) for reducing the risks.  Standard refresh rate is same with your transmitter (50hz), if one of the channels disables by an external source refresh rate reducing to %66 (33hz) , if you loose 2 of 3 channels you can still fly with %33 (15hz) refresh rate.

If you didnt like it, you can write your own hopping codes or just use 1 solid channel.



Our TX module including:

  • New! 3.3v FTDI support for easy programming
  • New! U.F.L connector between PCB and antrenna
  • New! I2C port for sensor applications (Wii Motion Plus based Headtracker?)
  • New! Powerful LM2937 3.3v voltage regulator
  • Serial Port for firmware upload and telemetry application
  • a buzzer for audible informations 
  • bi color led for visible informations
  • RFM22B tranceiver module including Si4432 chip with configurable 0-100mW output, Frequency hopping capability and hundreds features.
  • 16Mhz Atmega328 processor with Arduino Pro Mini compatible bootloader.


Package Contents

  • OpenLRS M2 Transmitter Board
  • Futaba Case (Optional)
  • 433mhz 3dBi SMA plugged Antenna 








Never turn on your Dragon Link Transmitter without the antenna Attached or included Dummy Load attached, this can burn it out !!!   To do your range check before flying, use the supplied dummy load in place of the transmitters antenna.  For more detailed instructions on how do to a Range Check, follow this LINK.
Do not over tighten the antenna on the Transmitter, this can cause the SMA connector on the transmitter to strip its threads, loosen, break, or wear out very quickly over time.  Screw on the Dragon Link transmitter antenna until it stops turning.  Do NOT tighten it down !!!   Once the antenna is snug, the connection is fully made, tightening the antenna any more will NOT increase performance !!!


  • Never turn on your Tx without the antenna attached, this can burn it out !!! 
  • Don't supply with higher voltage than 15volt.   
  • Follow our forum pages and new firmware updates remember it is opensource project and it will be better with your ideas and codes.