Turnigy X9 Futaba Module Adapter v3

New v3 adapter board with PPM-Inverter circuit for using Futaba modules on Turnigy X9 or other JR based transmitters.

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This tiny board adapts all Futaba modules to Turnigy X9 or similar JR module based transmitters. You can use your OpenLRS, FrSky,etc modules. Adapter board including a Futaba male and JR female connectors and designed for perfect fit into the transmitters. You can attach it to your Tx or module with double sided foam tape for easily plug or remove from other side.


New v3 adapter boards including onboard PPM-Inverter circuit for full compatibility with all Futaba modules on the market.

* v3 adapters coming with a White indicator LED and PCB color is RED 



Tested with these modules

FrSky DFTWorking
ASSAN X8FWorking
Spectrum DM8Working
OpenLRS TxWorking


 Plug the adapter into the JR module slot of your Transmitter.