OpenBee 100mW Telemetry Module

Open Source RF Telemetry Module with XBee Pro footprint. 

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OpenBee is an Open Source RF Telemetry Module with XBee Pro footprint.

Notice: We are also selling U.FL to SMA cable for U.FL OpenBee module users. Please visit the product page


  • No more buffering problem of Xbee modules. Real time telemetry or control is possible.(less than 10ms latency)
  • Longer Range, lower frequency
  • No networking stack. Everything in the code. You can write a mesh or point to point, everything is possible.
  • Arduino ProMini based boot and Open Source design
  • No Programmers or FTDI cable require. Just put it to USB to XBee adapter and load the firmware over Arduino. 
  • XBee footprint. (Serial pins only)
  • 100mW 400-470mhz RF Module with FHSS and other functions (RFM22B)
  • up to 3 miles range. (The record is 12KM with Nagoya antenna in England)
  • 3.3v design
  • SMA, wire or U.FL antenna options
Firmware Upload with Arduino


OpenBee working as Spectrum Analyser