ArduPLAY Open Source Display Driver

Arduino based open source LCD display driver board with Serial and Analog inputs.

Limited time offer: including free LCD Display

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Limited Time Offer !!!
Free 2x16 LCD Display and Single Row Pin Header included !!! 

ArduPLAY is an Arduino based LCD driver board with Serial and Analog inputs.
It includes a voltage sensor and it has compatible pinouts with our current sensors.


Serial Input

You can either use the serial input with your telemetry system or just for analyzing the serial communication.



Analog Input, Buzzer output, LED and Button


You can connect most of analog sensors over ArduPLAY's analog input. ArduPlay can supply the sensor over these pins or supply by sensor. 

You have a button for configuration or selecting different modes (with default firmware)

ArduPLAY board also including a buzzer driver. just solder a buzzer between BZR pins and add some codes for audible informations.


Internal Voltage Divider

The board includes voltage divider resistor pairs with %1 tolerance. the divider value is 1/4.1333 which means 20.2mV per step of ADC. 


Example Usages

  • Voltmeter & logger  (without any external component)
  • Ampermeter & logger (with current sensor)
  • Solar panel wattmeter & logger (with current sensor)
  • RF Meter & antenna tuner (with our new RF meter Sensor) coming soon...
  • Serial data display for all telemetry systems
  • FrSky Telemetry display (the code is coming soon)
  • GPS display
  • Thermometer & logger