Fast PWM 6A ESC for Multicopters

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High resolution and fast response ESC for very smooth and rigit multicopter control.


This ESC is supporting high refresh rate and PWM frequency for very smooth multicopter control.

This is the first test video of ESCs

We are using it on our Smallest MicroQuad with GoPro project
Here is the outdoor flight video of 140g Quad with 100gr GoPro.
Follow our youtube channel for new records :)


This is a 6A Brushless ESC with factory firmware replaced by improved version by Simon Kirby (available here: https://github.com/sim-/tgy). New firmware means direct, linear throttle response, making it suitable for multicopter use. Up to 600Hz input rate is supported, with immediate updates to motor pwm duty. 

In addition to base price per ESC, you can make a donation to Simon for his hard work and making this new firmware possible.

 Thanks for your support.

NOTE: This firmware does NOT check battery voltage or ESC temperature. Always use a LiPO alarm and monitor pack voltage while using.


  • Constant Current: 6A, burst 8A
  • 16MHz Resonator, 16kHz PWM frequency
  • Up to 600Hz PPM input
  • Immediate translation of input PWM duty into motor control, no smoothing or delay
  • Throttle range calibration available
  • Battery: 2S LiPO
  • BEC: 5v / 0.5A (Linear)
  • Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless
  • Size: 25x13x6mm
  • Weight: 7g (including shield and wires)