Powerful LED Array for hobby projects.

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Powerful LED Array for hobby projects.

These LED Arrays are compatible with our 10W LED Driver product. 
You can supply arrays with flight battery over the driver. 


10W LED Array Driver Connection Schematic

Warning 1: These LEDs generate a few watts heat because of high drive current and voltage (details below). You should attach them to a flat metal surface to transfer the heat.

Warning 2: LEDs are completely different than standard electric bulbs and additional current limitter/driver circuit required. Do NOT connect the LEDs directly to the battery. 

Absolute maximum ratings at (TA=25degrees Celsius)

Power dissipationPD10W
Forward currentIF1050mA
Peak pulsed forward current IFP1500mA
Static breakdown voltageEDS2500V
Storage temperatureTopr-25~+80deg
Operating temperatureTstg-30~+100deg

Electrical/Optical Characteristics For Individual LED

Luminous flux
Forward voltage
Color temperature
Forward current
 LED COLOR     TypMaxTypMaxTypMax 
RED4004506.0 7.0 6206301050
GREEN4004506.0 7.0 5855951050
BLUE1502009.0 11.0 450465900
COLD WHITE8009009.0 12.0 10000130001050

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