Plug and Fly RGB stripe for STROBON NEO light controller

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Plug and Fly RGB stripe for STROBON NEO light controller.
Each Stripe includes 10 individual RGB LED pixels.
You can cut & shorten the stripes from where you want.  
The stripes have cutting marks between each LED. It is safe place to cut.
STROBON NEO supports 4 stripes. 
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  • Stripe Length : 16cm
  • LED count : 10 individual RGB pixels
  • Supply Voltage : 5V
  • Data protocol: WS2812B special protocol
  • Wire length: 30cm


We are testing all LED stripes in 5 stages of the production and you can be sure they are working properly when shipped. 
There is a few reason that we notified about LED fails.
1- Low or non linear supply voltage and current: Each LED including own control electronics and they are using really fast transmission protocol. So, If the voltage or current is not enough, LEDs are fails to transmission. Low voltage also locks the microcontroller sometimes. Just try with single stripe or be sure about current and voltage in range (5v 1A)
2- High voltage: LED control electronics are burns if the supply reaches to 6v for very short period of the time. If your supply voltage is near to limits, sometimes some LEDs are fails but others survives. This problem appears as a failing stripe after failed LED. For example; if LED#3 fails , The stripe fails between #3-#10. 
3- Vibration: If you are using unbalanced props with a multicopter, and the stripes are connected to the arms or after a crash, you can notify LED fails.. High gain vibrations are breaks the golden wires between internal IC of WS29812B and RGB silicons. This problem appears as, Color fails for unique LEDs. For example if RED color wire is broken, you can see only Blue and Green on the LED. To be sure about the problem, just press your finger over the transparent window of the LED. Most of time this connects the broken wire for a while and you can see the right color.
Problem 1 is a temporary problem and you can resolve it easily. But #2 and #3 is permanent fails and you should replace the stripe with a new one or remove the failed LED and add a bridge between DataIN and DataOUT as a jumper.



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