iCELL - Battery Cell Monitor

Revolutionary LiPO Battery Monitoring Technology from Flytron.
You can read your battery voltage and cell conditions by your iPhone and iPad during flight.

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iCELL is a new patent pending battery monitoring technology that running over bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth 4.0) .

iCELL hardware is a small electronic device with 8 cell battery reading capability and you can easily connect it to balance port of your LiPO battery to read battery voltage and cell conditions with your iPhone or iPad.
This is life saving technology for aerial cinematographers and other RC hobbyists. 

Check Your Cell Conditions!

No more cell problem! You can read your battery voltage and cell conditions over Bluetooth 4.0 by your iPhone and iPad during flight with iCELL.
iCELL will warn you when a cell level drops dramatically than others.


Multiple Battery Monitoring

iCELL using unique communication method to transfer battery condition to your iPhone/iPad. In this technology you can scan and read multiple batteries. And Multiple iOS decive can read same battery in same time. Your buddy can check the battery when you are flying 
or you can read all batteries into the bag or flight and video batteries on your flying platform with one click.



Volt To Speech

"Volt To Speech" is another impressive technology of iCELL.
You dont need to check your iPhone screen when you flying. iCELL application can talk and inform you about your battery condition and any problem.

Phases of Volt To Speech

  • "Low Voltage" : You can set any voltage for this message (default 10.8 volts)
  • "Battery Cell Problem Detected" : iCELL gives this message when one cell level dramaticaly lower than others. (default 250mV) 
  • "Custom Message Level Reached" : you can set any voltage level for this message. Good option to know your returning point or middle level of your battery.
  • "11.6 volts" : iCELL reads the battery voltage in every 10 seconds. You can enable or disable this feature. 


Download iPhone/iPad Application


  • iCELL software works on IOS 6.0 or later. 
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Compatible Models:  iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 (all models), iPad Air, iPad (3rd gen or later), iPad mini (all models) and iPod touch (5th gen or later) 


  • Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0) technology
  • 8 cell LiPO reading capability 
  • Volt To Speech : Your eyes on the aircraft during flight!
  • Multiple Battery Support
  • Lightweight circuit design (3gr only)
  • 30-100 meters range depends the location and device positions
  • 0.2 seconds refresh rate. 
  • You can read your battery when your airplane or multicopter passes above you. No need to press any button to reconnect. 
  • Also you can use it for electric cars or other battery operated devices.

iCELL User Manual