AmbiLED HD - Ambient Light Kit for Computer Monitors

AmbiLED HD is the first high resolution ambient light conversion kits for computer monitors. It's easy to apply and open-source

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What is AmbliLED HD?

   AmbiLED HD is the first high resolution ambient light conversation kit for computer monitors.
We started out designing it as just an open source fun project, but after our prototype generated a large amount of interest,we have decided to offer this as a commercial product. 

  Common commercial and DIY ambient light systems use 3-30 LEDs around the display. This is because every individual RGB LED requires 3 pins to control the colours. This means a lot of cables and connectors between LEDs and controller. 

  Thanks to new generation individually addressable WS2812B 16 million colours RGB LEDs, there is no longer a need for complex cabling and connections. Here is the back of our test monitor that you can see on the Kickstarter video. We applied a 290cm long strip with 172 LEDs. There is no cabling or construction behind the monitor. 

  AmbiLED HD can control up to 512 LEDs(8.5 meters) with just a 3 pin connection, and works as a single self-adhesive LED strip without any extra cabling. Just attach the strip to the back of your display, plug the 3 pin connector into the AmbiLED HD controller, supply the controller with AC adapter (included) and connect it to USB port of your PC.
That's all you need to enjoy AmbiLED HD.

How does it work?

  The human eye has a very limited area of approximately 6° where objects appear clear and sharp, but our visual field is 120° wide. When you are watching a movie or playing a game you can only clearly see the spot your eyes are focused on, but you can sense the whole 120° area, including frame and background. 

  AmbiLED HD paints the background with the nearest colour and improves your visual experience. It also reduces your pupil size with extra light, and protects your eyes in the darkness.

Visual Experience

   It can be startling at first when you see a part of lightsaber or a blast effect beyond the boundaries of the screen. 

  If a car crosses the display fast enough, you will find yourself trying to follow it on the wall. After learns and adjusts to the screen limits, and you simply become immersed in the experience.

How can I install?

  Installation of AmbiLED HD is very simple and takes only 3-5 minutes depending on your screen size. The self-adhesive RGB LED strip is only 12mm wide, and is flexible and bendable. You can stick it to the sides of your monitor and bend it on the edges easily. The adhesive material on the strip is good quality and reusable. You can remove it and transfer the strip to another monitor.

  There is no need to cut any unused part of the strip. Our AmbiLED HD driver software comes with a simple setup menu. Just count your LEDs that are used for your setup, and adjust the settings accordingly. It will disable any unused LEDs automatically.  

  For the videos, we used a 37" Samsung LCD TV. The perimeter of this display was 290cm, and LED count was 172. After we entered this number into the AmbiLED software, it disabled the last 10cm of LED strip.

You can simply bend this 10cm section to the back of your display, so that you can use it with a larger monitor in the future, or cut the excess off with a scissor.

Hardware Features

  • Open Source Hardware, Firmware & Software
  • Windows,Linux & Mac compatible Arduino based hardware design
  • Flexible & Bendable 12mm wide self adhesive RGB LED Strip
  • 14W/m powerful RGB LEDs (only 3W/m enough for AmbiLED HD)
  • 5V 3000mA wall adapter (capable of supplying up to 5 meters of LED strip)
  • UK,EU or US wall adapter plugs depending on your location.
  • 3 meters flat USB Micro cable

on Windows

AmbiLED HD orginally designed for Windows and using own software under Windows platform.

Driver Software Features

  • Windows compatible easy to use driver software
  • Sleep Mode Function
  • Borderless Window Configurator(Pseudo Full Screen) for games.
  • User configurable light level.
  • Microsoft C# + DirectX based software design
  • Capturing images directly from front buffer*
  • Works with all Windows applications except full screen games*. 

    (*)Capturing from back buffer is the ban reason for most of game companies. This is why we aren't supporting back buffer capturing for full screen games. You can use our Pseudo Full Screen feature to fix the game window dimensions under window mode.

AmbiLED HD Driver menu on tray bar(above)
LED strip setting window(below)

on Linux

AmbiLED HD hardware is compatible with Boblight. We tested it under Ubuntu and working very well. We will share a detailed setup document on our product page for Linux users.

on Raspberry Pi

AmbiLED HD tested and working under RaspBMC + Hyperion without any problem. 
Unfortunately, We aren't suggesting for OpenELEC + Boblight users because of high CPU usage. 

on OS X

Unfortunately, OS X support isn't our priority because of some system problems. AmbiLED HD is an open-source project and hardware communication side is very simple. All OS X developers are welcome. 

 AmbiLED HD kit includes  

  • 3 meters LED Strip that enough up to 40" monitors (*extendable, select the size when order)
  • AmbiLED HD Controller box **
  • 5V 3000mA power supply (110-240v) ***
  • USB Cable

** AmbiLED HD hardware supports maximum 8.5 meters LED strip length. 
*** An additional 5V power supply may require for longer than 5 meters LED strips.