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My order hasn't arrived, does it have tracking?
Standard shipping doesn't include a tracking number, and can occasionally take a little longer to arrive than the stated times. Sit-tight, but do get in touch with us if it's been more than 3 weeks.

Do you have an ETA for my order?
Sorry, any ETA we give you would be a guess at best, and we'd rather not let you down!

I ordered yesterday, but it hasn't shipped or arrived?
We have to process and ship your order first, which can occasionally take a day or longer.

Where is my package?
If you've ordered "with Tracking" option, We are providing your tracking number by e-mail.If you didn't received it, please contact with us.
Unfortunately, there is no way to track your orders if you didn't chose "with tracking" option. Sometimes, delivery takes 1-3 weeks depends on customs clearance time and postal service.

I have an EU VAT number, may I use it?
Since only less than %1 of our customers asking for VAT-less order, we are not accepting this kind of orders to simplify our tax calculations and payment for others. You can download the legal invoice in PDF format from your customer account page. Our automated invoices are including exact tax values and all the details to arrange a tax return. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you have X part in your stocks?
We are selling our products on our website only. If a part is looking in stocks, it is.

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    *Our support hours are 9AM to 4:30PM GMT, Monday to Friday. We aim to respond to tickets within 24 hours during these times. Thank you for your patience.