FM36X 800TVL Zoom Camera with Infrared sensitive CCD

Special Mini Zoom Camera with quality 36x optics, 800TVL Extended Infrared sensitivity for small UAV and remote surveillance market

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FM36X 800TVL is our brand new 36x zoom camera with 800TVL resolution and NVP2431H Image Processor for small UAV and remote surveillance.

36X Quality optics, 1/3" CCD and NVP2431H Image Processor technology making this camera are unique. The low light performance of the FM36X 800TVL is excellent because of onboard motorized Day/Night filter shutter. You can choose the night mode to remove the IR filter for NIR band video surveillance.

in ISP technology, 1080HD resolution image sensor and NVP2431H Image Processor generates the highest resolution video as possible to transmit over analogue video transmitters.

The Noise reduction system eliminates the noises and gives perfect gradients and sharp edges.

The photo below, captured from FM10X video, press on the photo to see the real captured image. The original image noise level and quality are 2 times better than this captures. We can't show it because of limitations of capture devices that we have. 

 FFM36X800 camera rc controller

The product comes with new CAMCON v4 board.  The new inline design is more gimbal friendly than the older versions. 
Zoom, Focus and Menu inputs compatible with standard 5v RC Servo ports. (1 channel enough for zoom, 3 channel require for zoom, focus and menu functions) 




The package includes:

  • FM36X700 Mini Zoom Camera
  • Flat camera cable
  • RC Camera Control Card v4.0 (including zoom, focus and menu functions over servo channels)


Click the image for zoom

Features of FM36X700:

  • 1/3" 1080H SuperHAD CCDII  Image Sensor
  • Nextchip NVP2431H Image Processor
  • 800 TV Lines Video Resolution
  • Motorized Day/Night IR filter (Automatic or manual selectable)
  • 2D Noise Reduction
  • Color: 0.1Lux, B/W: 0.01Lux
  • High-Speed Focus function over ISP
  • 1/50~1/10000 s Shutter Speed
  • -20 to +70 Celcius Working Temperature
  • Menu Functions: AWB, Backlight Compensation, Mirror, PAL/NTSC selection, IR Filter controls etc.
  • Video Format: PAL/NTSC
  • Weight: 70gr  naked. / 130gr with the metal shield.
  • Dimensions: 86x42x45mm (naked) 86x50x47mm(with shield)
  • Optical Zoom Factor: 36x (3.43mm - 123mm)
  • Focus/Iris: AUTO / MANUAL / K AUTO
  • Backlight Compensation
  • Digital Control Protocol: VISCA 
  • RC servo channel control: Zoom control with autofocus
  • Super Infrared (720-950nm) sensitivity for IR Filters
  • Supply Voltage is 12volt, also works with 3S LiPO (11.1V)
  • 190mA power consumption


Important Notice: FM36X is not a standard FPV camera, We are producing them for UAV designers by request. If you need 5 or more units or Out of stock please contact us


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