HiddenFPV Video Scrambler

First Light weight video scrambler for FPV
Do you want to hide your video transmission from prying eyes?
HiddenFPV doing this for you.

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First light weight video scrambler for FPV.
Do you want to hide your video transmission from prying eyes,Baby Monitors, Wireless TV sets or Wireless Survilance receivers? 
HiddenFPV doing this for you.

HiddenFPV is a finger tip size circuit that scrambling and descrambling standard PAL and NTSC analog video signals. 
The device designed for specially FPV users and you can connect it to any FPV video setup that working with 3.3-16 volts.

HiddenFPV coming as a pair.
You can scramble the video between camera and your transmitter.
And descramble it between your receiver and video monitor.

 HiddenFPV is NOT a digitally codded encryption device, It is fully analog.

Advantages of the design:

  • Zero latency between input and output signal.
  • No color or picture quality lost. It can be scramble/descramble all signal at 100MHz speed. 
  • Real robust scrambling even parasitic transmission or signal lost.
  • Small size, Less than 2 gram and 15x28mm dimensions
  • Plug and Fly design, no need to setup.
  • 2 or more module can descramble the scrambled video in same time.
  • %90 of displays can't detect any video signal and shows blue screen
  • other %10 can show only a white bar on the screen without any recognizable image.
  • really affordable price for civil uav and FPV usage

Disadvangate of the design

  • All HiddenFPV devices using same Scrambling/Descrambling method. So, this is not a military grade scrambler and anyone who have HiddenFPV can watch the video.


  • Analog 100Mhz signal Scrambling/Descrambling
  • Switchable design (all HiddenFPV boards works as scrambler or descrambler)
  • 3.3-16 volts working voltage
  • very low current requirement (20mA)
  • 15mm x 28mm x 3mm Dimensions
  • 2 gram weight
  • Impact proof and water proof enclosed circuit

Package Content

  • 2x HiddenFPV board

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