Tiny 3.3 volt Regulator

A tiny 3.3 volt regulator with maximum 1A current consumptions.

Great for 3.3 volt FPV equipments and sensors

Weight is only 0.65gr

More details


This tiny 3.3 volt regulator perfect for your 3.3v sensors or similar equipments.

It's including hi-tech LDO regulator and this LDO accepting 4.5-18V input voltage.


We designed the PCB with 1 input and 2 output(for a second usage) and an extra signal pins. You can use standard a servo wire for connecting your 3.3V sensors to 5-12v systems.



IMPORTANT: This tiny regulator using a LDO chip and converts the voltage difference to "heat". Regulator chip including a thermal shutdown on 125 degree celcius and it can handle 800mA current easily if you can cool it. We are suggesting to maximum 200mA for non-cooled applications. Check the temperature of it before your first application to understanding the cooling requirements.



Input Voltage           : 4-18V (2-4S LiPO)
Output Voltage: 3.3 volt
Current: 500mA nominal 1A ma
Weight : 0.65gr