Fine Tuned Dipole Antenna

Fine tuned dipole antenna for longer range video transmission

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Fine tuned dipole antenna for longer range video transmission.


We designed the PCBs for especially these antennas. PCB holding the active elements and cable body for vibration and crash resistance and you can glue or screw (with plastic screws) it anyplace that you want with its 2 holes.


High-quality copper active elements longer than 10 cm at startup and we are cutting and grinding element tips for your centre frequency after order.



  • SMA Male connector
  • 15cm quality coaxial wire for easy setup
  • 1.75mm diameter fine copper elements
  • Finely grinded element tips
  • Fr4 PCB material for minimum RF signal lost


Center Frequency List for All Video Bands



CH0 910MHz
CH1 980MHz
CH2 1010MHz
CH3 1040MHz
CH4 1080MHz
CH5 1120Mhz
CH6 1160MHZ
CH7 1200MHz



CH1 1240MHz
CH2 1280MHZ
CH3 1320MHz
CH4 1360MHz



CH1 2410 MHz
CH2 2430 MHz
CH3 2450 MHz
CH4 2470 MHz
CH5 2370 MHz
CH6 2390 MHz
CH7 2490 MHz
CH8 2510 MHz



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